Psymeon E-Health

We shape digitalization in the healthcare system.

ALVIE App, das Bildschirmfoto von Module, weiß Hintergrund

We believe that the future lies in the digitalization of the healthcare system. Digital health applications can alleviate existing structures and provide valuable support. Patients increasingly expect more digital offerings from healthcare providers. Online appointment scheduling, reminders via email or SMS, and electronic prescription issuance are just a small part of the services that attract the younger generation to a healthcare provider. Additionally, health-related courses are increasingly being offered in a digital format.

The e-health sector of Psymeon encompasses the entire Pocket-Health series. These future digital therapeutic applications (DIGAs), in the form of professional apps, are intended to be used supportively as a complement to psychological/psychiatric therapy. Existing gaps in care can be bridged with the help of this series. The areas covered span from depression, anxiety disorders, addictions, to PTSD. For example, our app, Alvie, is designed for individuals with mild to moderate depression or depressive symptoms. Following an established assessment process, our algorithms generate an individualized treatment plan that can be easily integrated into daily life. Due to the modular structure of the program, expanding upon this treatment plan is simple to implement.

In addition to these apps, Psymeon is developing digital platforms to seamlessly connect all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. When it comes to health, people rely on healthcare professionals to make the best possible decisions. This starts with early diagnoses, extends to effective treatment pathways, and includes post-care measures. These pathways should seamlessly intertwine from the beginning to support the best possible decisions. Digital technologies play a crucial role in bringing patients and their treatment teams closer together right from the start.

Transparent decision pathways and a central platform enable increased employee productivity. Processes and workflows are optimized and standardized, allowing for a more efficient workday. This, in turn, helps all stakeholders save time and money. The digital design of treatments through teleconsultations reduces waiting times. Continuing education and training opportunities in the form of online webinars relieve not only lecture halls but also the roads. Everyone can easily access specialized expertise without long waiting times or the hassle of searching for parking.

The following points are important for advancing digital healthcare:

  • To connect patients and healthcare providers intelligently
  • To optimize data management
  • To support and optimize decision pathways
  • To develop a self-learning healthcare system