Psymeon ALVIE

A high-quality prevention for people with depressive symptoms

Many people with depressive symptoms need support in combating their condition. ALVIE is the suitable companion for everyday life in this regard.

This preventive and effective program combines innovative digitization with professionally sound psychiatric and psychological knowledge. Even before a hospital stay becomes necessary or during therapy, we at Psymeon can work together with you on your recovery.

By learning and practicing supportive skills in dealing with depressive symptoms, ALVIE can contribute to your stabilization.

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Cognitive restructuring



The Therapy-App ALVIE

Strategies and techniques for depressive symptoms

  • Resource activation and building

  • Changing depressive thought patterns

  • Content based on motivation enhancement

  • Experiencing self-efficacy

    In future app versions: psychological tele-counseling

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Funktionen und Vorteile von ALVIE

Therapy Module 1

Cognitive restructuring

Negative thoughts play a central role in maintaining and exacerbating depression. Here, patients learn to quickly recognize and change them

Therapy Module 2

Relaxation techniques

Stress often leads to chronic tension, which negatively affects sleep, among other things. Therefore, patients learn in this module to actively relax and promote healthier sleep.