Wir sind PSYMEON

PSYMEON is a MedTech company that aims to support healthcare professionals in providing high-quality care to their patients. Furthermore, we strive to create better and faster treatment outcomes for our patients, regardless of where they live.

In this regard, our company focuses on the field of E-Health. We see ourselves as a reliable and socially responsible enterprise, offering individuals with mental symptoms a digital preventive care even before a potential clinical stay.

PSYMEON Geschichte

2020 Business idea

The business idea emerged during the pandemic in 2020.

2021 Team reinforcement

In 2021, we hired a frontend developer and created the initial plan for developing a series of apps. This led to the creation of the POCKET Therapist series, which aims to cover a range of psychiatric disorders.

2022 The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and the initial strategy

In 2022, we developed the MVP for our first app, ALVI, while simultaneously formulating our strategy for achieving our business goals.

2022 Further team reinforcement

In 2022, our team was further reinforced by the addition of a backend developer who has been instrumental in supporting us with the development of ALVI.

2022 The establishment of PSYMEON

2022 – The founding of the MedTech company, PSYMEON.

The Mission

  • Low-threshold access and added value to/for psychiatric medicine.
  • Continual improvement and expansion of our products, services, and offerings.
  • Achieving benefits for stakeholders and strengthening our business.

The Vision

  • To become the leading digital company in preventive medicine for mental health.
  • Improving the lives of patients effortlessly, anywhere, at any time.
  • Achieving a consistent level of innovation in digital psychiatric medicine.

The Team

PSYMEON consists of a highly motivated, multidisciplinary team. We come from diverse backgrounds, including medicine with a focus on psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology, IT, healthcare management, and business.

Psymeon Logo

The values that define us